Proper Acoustics often acts as a design consultant and manufacture on projects.

We are committed to providing excellence which is why we manufacture AND design.  We are NOT limited by what others make, we MAKE what we design.  This gives us near infinite possibilities and the ability to bring your ideas to life. 

Typically room acoustics take a backseat in the budget process however having a room with proper acoustics not only make the experience in that room better but also more inviting.

How the process normally goes.

1.  Typically we start with a phone conversation.  What problems are going on in the space?  If new construction we may ask about any design elements wanting or needing to be integrated.

2.  Measure.  We take accurate measurements either in person or view floor plans in order to build an accurate design model.

3.  Design.  Once we know the space and what requirements we want to achieve we come with our design for the space.

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